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Breathe: The Simple, Revolutionary 14-day program to improve your physical and mental health

Breathe: The Simple . Revolutionary 14-day program to improve your physical and mental health The following has been excerpted from the website of Power of Breath Institute We’re all born knowing how to breathe, but our frenzied lives can lead to constricted breathing making us feel as if we’re running on fumes, not fresh air […]


Why Swimming is So Good for you…

Total Immersion-The-Revolutionary-Way-To Swim-Better-Faster-Easier This article is excerpted from an article by Markham Heid in Time Health: Every type of exercise has its selling points. But swimming is unlike any other aerobic workout in a few important ways. First, the fact that you’re submerged in water means your bones and muscles are somewhat unshackled from the […]


Benefits of Juicing- Vitamix- 3 recipes

Vitamix-5300-Blender Vitamix Whole Food Recipes Vitamix is my favorite blender for creating healthy juices.  It is certainly worth the price tag. What are the benefits of juicing? Here are several of the benefits: It allows the body to consume more vegetables/fruits. Allows for a greater variety of vegetables and fruits to provide diverse nutrition Feeds […]


What is Elliptigo?

The following is excerpted from Elliptigo Bike Reviews: Elliptigo Elliptical Machine Reviews The ElliptiGo brand was officially launched in January 2009 in San Diego by friends Brent and Bryan, but it took years of prototypes and test rides to create their current models of outdoor elliptical bikes. The inspiration for the overall idea of an […]


Amazing Health Benefits of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

I just completed my 60 day challenge of Bikram Yoga.  What a body and life transforming experience.  Just the very discipline it takes to get oneself to the studio everyday is challenging enough but to then complete  one and a half hours of Hatha yoga poses in a hot and humid room and to do […]


Puppy Love and your Health

This is my dog Jasmine.  She has been with me for nearly 12 years and needless to say I love her very much.  I have another dog named Beatrice who has been with me for 8 years   I cannot tell you the hours of amusement these two have brought me .   They are […]


177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class- Steve Siebold

Exercise is king.  Nutrition is queen.  Put the two of them together and you have a kingdom-  Jack Lalane, fitness guru. The above is an excerpt from Mental Toughness Secret #47 of Steve Siebold’s book: 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class The Foreword to this book written by Larry Wilson reads as follows: […]


Exercise and Healthy Eating for Children

By participating with your children in a regime of exercise, healthy eating and modeling good choices, you can help to keep them healthy for a lifetime. Physical activity One of the most important things you can do to help your child lose weight or prevent them from gaining weight is to start an exercise regime. […]

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