The Heart of Healing- Inspired Ideas, Wisdom and Comfort From Today’s Leading Voices


The Heart of Healing

Are you wrestling with persistent illness?

Would you like a glimpse into the future of health care?

Do you believe you could attain a higher level of wellness?

Perhaps you have a loved one who is sick?

Are you looking for the most exciting new ideas in healing?

You will find profound and meaningful answers to all these questions in this book.  It combines the best wisdom of world-famous authorities in the healing field with the latest insights from powerful new voices.  These thirty-one contributors have over five hundred years of combined experience, gathered from the most recent, cutting-edge scientific studies, as well as ancient techniques like shamanism and healing prayer.  With brilliance and humor, they chart the seismic changes that are radically reshaping our society’s concept of health, and give you many innovative recommendations to support your own wellness.

In the presence of healing, you reach a place of wholeness and deep inner peace from which you can deal with illness with much less fear and suffering and much greater clarity and compassion .   -Dean Ornish

We are blessed today with simple, inexpensive, accessible techniques that have the potential to revolutionize our sense of wellness, shift the patterns that trap us in chronic disease, and dramatically raise our thresholds of happiness    -Eric Robins

The result of repeated healings, or integrations of lost parts of the self, is the eventual emergence of a more whole being.  -Rudolph Ballentine

Diseases are a way of telling us what the unconscious mind remembers, but what our waking state has ignored.   -Anodea Judith

Just because we are part of a collective insanity, we must not assume it is normal.  It is the psychopathology of the average.  -Deepak Chopra

How to control the mind and banish the afflicting thoughts that create needless suffering, said the ancient sages, is the most difficult of all disciplines.  Learning how to walk on water was said to be much easier.  -Joan Borysenko

You can’t be truly healthy if you are feeling spiritually disconnected.  -Andrew Weil

When one creates sacred space that contains the energy of love, healing just happens.  The power of love and appreciation has unlimited potential to heal.  -Sandra Ingerman

When you accept that you are here for a limited amount of time, you will find yourself paying more attention to your heart’s wisdom, and what feels good and makes you happy.  -Bernie Siegel

The Heart of Healing

Today's Leading Voices

Today’s Leading Voices

Today's Leading Voices

Today’s Leading Voices

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