What is Arctic Ruby Oil?


Arctic Ruby Oil

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Arctic Ruby Oil from Calanus ­­finmarchicus is uniquely engineered to deliver essential fatty acids to the lower part of the intestine, providing benefits above and beyond any other marine oil.

  • Increase energy
  • Improve stamina
  • Reduce gut fat
  • Key source of proteins, vitamins, minerals & antioxidants

Discovering the Power of Calanus finmarchicus

Possibly the world’s most precious marine oil comes from a sea organism Calanus finmarchicus found off the coast of Norway,—a sea organism whose phenomenal health benefits lay dormant, actually ignored by leading scientists, until a Norwegian scientist, Dr. Jan Raa, decided to look deeper.

What he discovered would shock the scientific community and contribute to Dr. Raa earning Norway’s most prestigious award, the Commander of St. Olav, presented by the King himself!

What is Arctic Ruby® Oil

It is the never-before-fished, nutrient-rich oil of the Calanus finmarchicus—a very small marine crustacean native to the North Atlantic Ocean.

Calanus finmarchicus is truly the Life Force of the most dynamic and diverse oceanic eco-systems in the world, the North Atlantic! This tiny creature is so potent—it’s the key source of energy for sustaining migrating sea birds and mammals on harsh, long journeys!

Arctic Ruby® Oil contains nutrients that are not present in any other marine oil! ONLY in Arctic Ruby®Oil are the essential fatty acids bound in the wax monoesters—THE most concentrated form of energy in all of nature!

Monoesters burn much slower than triglycerides and phospholipids. This means they are absorbed in the posterior part of the intestine where the important receptors are located that regulate fat distribution, glucose tolerance, and oxygen uptake!

Arctic Ruby Oil

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